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3/21/06 - From Shoshanna Rozenstein of the New York Jewish Herald

"LA-based pop singer, Susan Barth released a compilation CD of "7 Song Compilation" on her label Pink Sox Songs...I liked Barth's CD. Especially the first song "And Yet". This song could become a hit. I am familiar with Barth's previous work. I liked many of her songs, but "And Yet" is probably the best song Barth ever recorded. Her voice has become more mature, richer and could I say, more meaningful? Instead of past bursting and warm outcries, Barth's voice reshaped and redefined itself into a well-cultured vocal depth with intelligence and sincerity. A more defined quality is added to her voice, and this new compilation of songs will lead to establishing Barth as a real pop singer on a big scale."

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"Susan Barth on her way to stardom."

Sounds like the world is finally catching on to what we have known all along!

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"...Barth's voice remains the true point of interest here. Were the transitions not so unbelievably smooth, you might think the album featured two vocalists. So nimbly does she shift from murky to breathy, nebulous to sumptuous, all the while preserving the peppery girl-with-an-edge persona that emerges, maybe subliminally. Few songwriters have this vocal dexterity..."

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Russell's Reviews Best Of 2004 CDR details

"Susan Barth is an electric singer-songwriter from New Jersey by way of LA. There's a lot of Aimee Mann in this her third album and it's all the better for it. So there's a vague country feel about the album, but without the overwrought sentimentality that often tarnishes that genre. Think the delightful kookiness of 10,000 Maniacs, which is most apparent on the fuller band sound of stand out track 'Almost Did It'. The title track shows the other side of Barth, an easy going rock n stroll piece. What sets her apart from the rest is the spirit and vitality of her voice, which gives the songs that extra kick and makes the album a worthwhile listen."

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"Wonderland is Susan Barth's most recent release and one of the best written, performed, and produced albums we've received to date. The album features eleven highly commercial tracks each featuring startling examples of informed and innovative songwriting and positively enhanced musicianship."

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"Susan has created one of the few albums I've heard in a long time that is for everyone. She includes the melancholy ballads, the songs reminiscent of past losses, the songs that offer hope, as well as some that will just rock your Pink Sox off......... it crosses listening tastes, you might hear it being blasted from your teenager's upstairs bedroom while you are playing it on the stereo downstairs and just enjoying some relaxing time."

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"After listening to 'Wonderland,' it's obviously that this is true. Barth's songs are all exquisitely constructed, with lush guitar interludes and gorgeous synth washes and just the right hooks to make them instantly hummable and impossible to get out of your head. Barth's vocals are pitch-perfect lovely, pleasant and poppy with just a touch of melancholy.

In many ways, "Wonderland" is a reflection of Barth's own struggles to get a toehold in the Hollywood dream. On the surface, the album is a wonderful collection of pleasant-sounding pop songs, with Susan Barth's distinctively sweet yet edgy vocals being the focal point. When you dig a little deeper, though, you find yourself smack dab in the middle of a story about disillusionment."

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"Susan Barth’s new CD is an unembellished Wonderland of emotions. It was the mood I was in that made this entire CD hit home. Having the feelings of sadness and disappointment with life lately made the lyrics strike with a more impact than usual. I found Barth’s pop rock sojourns well played and produced. To reiterate, because of my state of mind, I think my reaction to what I was hearing was right in line with my thought process, so essentially the music fit the mood perfectly. I could honestly appreciate the voice of Barth and the efforts of her supporting cast as something of the essence. I felt subdued, which is not necessarily a bad thing; I cannot always be rocking and waving my fist in the air. I had to deal with what was going on inside me, this music forced me to reflect on my life, who I am, and what I have become, whether I liked it or not, only then I was able to get out of the funk I was stuck in."

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