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New album “Songs From The Suburbs” Coming soon


Hear "Songs From The Suburbs" here!

I am almost ready to go to final mastering of the new album called "Songs From The Suburbs." I need to tweak one more song which is a late addition to this grouping. I will need to cut this to a reasonable length since I am up to 18 songs. I guess that's considered a quality problem.. These works were mostly recorded at JonesHouse Music ( and produced and mixed by Dan Marfisi and Susan Barth (me). Some songs were re-mixed by Russel Pope and keyboard parts were added by Michael Sherwood. Cameron Stone played all the cello parts. Randy Mitchell added song guitar magic to the song Stay or Go. (

We have compiled most of the artwork and will be working with graphics artist Stacie Heyen to complete.the packaging. I am hoping to have advanced copies ready for the industry prior to the CD release party. Some photos included were taken by Lisa Margolis.

I am beginning to rehearse the band for the gig to kick off the CD release. The CD will released at the show on Oct 3rd at Molly Malones. I am very pleased to announce that this band are: Irene Garcia on Vocals. Danilo Arroyo on drums, Alberto Albis on bass, Jackson Allen and Santiago Granados on guitar(s). I am contemplating having a coupls of special guests joining us that evening...

This CD has been a long time coming and I have had a tremendous amount of help on this project. It is my hope that it will be as well received as Wonderland.....I would list the song list for you but...I and still deciding on which songs I want to leave for the following project.